Even in the most

Even in the most In system of kindergarten, in particular in its liberal modification, education of feelings accompanies constructive activity and to work of imagination which children pursue much wider aims, than simple unfolding of figures or paints.

Even in the most formal work of kindergarten children draw pictures also have to explain, on what they are similar to star, kite, flower.

That concerns physical training, in this point both systems considerably meet between itself; both defend need of free development of activity of a body, need rhythmic exercises and ability to operate the movements of muscles; but while the kindergarten seeks to reach all this group games thought up or social contents, zha Montessori transfers the center of gravity on the special exercises giving formal education to separate physical functions.

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Carrots For taste improvement juice it is possible to add milk, honey and fruit and berry juice to it tablespoons on a glass.

Carrots grated with milk.

In a glass to place tablespoons of grated carrots, to fill in with milk or cream.

To accept on glass times a day.

In the evening it is possible to add to drink h.

honey spoons.

Infusion of seeds of fennel.

To fill in tablespoon of seeds with glass of hot water.

To insist hours.

To accept on glasses times a day.

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Or give

Or give Tell us how in ancient times on the water stranded nice did flour.

The game expands horizons and gives the first submissions tion of the laws of physics.

Two and a half to three years Mother, yet!

If a kid is like the story, he asks Chi a thief infinitely.

What poor mother?

Ask them to tell the tale in my own words.

Or give him the opportunity to insert from sensible words or end of a sentence.

Read books develops memory, thinking, attention and perseverance.

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Charter Charter What is the nature of relations between family members?

q What are the relationships of the child with the Council of Europe member mi?

Who the baby's preference?

ambivalent Is it a lack of attention, negative attitudes to the child,hyperopic?

serial Whether the child has a subjective feeling of deficit attention?

Didn't have a kid negative attitude to someone from the family members?

Charter Those involved in raising a child?

Are you attending a child of preschool children's institutions deposits?

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Difficulties This scene was a unique way to lift the ban on Talagi tenderness established strict father and ver the fact the mother of the right to manifest tenderness toward children.

Difficulties arose when playing the last dia the log.

The Timosha had to approach the father, according to the plot the king of beasts, and talk to him.

The boy with the big work succumbed to my requests and made excitement, and perhaps and fear came nigh to the father.

To be fair to say that the father Timoti enough parental wisdom he gently hugged a son and a calm, smooth, soft voice explained to what the cub muscles, claws and sharp teeth.

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